Accident Rehab Clinic in Miami

Chiropractic clinics offer many services to individuals that have suffered some type of injury or experience frequent pain. Accident  rehab clinics such as Silverman Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center™ also offer help with attorney referrals. Their bilingual services are essential for both physical healing, and to assist you in securing any compensation you may be entitled to.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors work with the neuromusculoskeletal system. They treat injuries and complaints that involve the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Some of the most common reasons to seek the skills of a chiropractor include:

Your chiropractor can perform adjustments to your body to improve your range of motion, function, and alleviate pain.

accident rehab therapy for phantom limb pain

Common Knee Injuries

Chiropractors treat many areas of the body and not just the back and neck. Knee pain and injuries can also benefit from chiropractic adjustments. There are quite a few types of knee injuries:

  • Knee injuries from falling
  • Soccer knee injuries
  • Football knee injury
  • Knee injury symptoms
  • Knee injuries in kids
  • Knee ligament injury
  • Knee tendon injury

Make an appointment with a chiropractic accident rehab clinic as soon as you can following the injury. Immediate attention may prevent further complications and speed along the healing process.


How Long Does a Knee Injury Take to Heal?

Knee injury treatment times vary depending upon the type and severity. Sprains generally heal within two to four weeks, while more traumatic injuries can take up to a year. Your knee injury doctor will assess the site and determine the best rehabilitation treatment for your specific needs.

Can a Chiropractor Help with a Pinched Nerve In the Neck?

A pinched nerve is another reason to seek out the services of a chiropractor. Neck injury symptoms often include reduced range of motion, pain, stiffness, muscle spasms or weakness, and headaches. Neck pain from whiplash injury may affect other parts of the body, such as the hands, arms, and back.

Neck injury treatment usually starts with an alignment to remove pressure on the pinched nerve, restore movement, and reduce the pain. Neck injury from accident rehab may be recommended if the injury is more serious.

Can a Chiropractor Help with Headaches?

If you suffer from frequent headaches, a chiropractor at one our accident rehab clinics may be able to help. Spinal manipulations are great for relieving headache pain. They focus on treating the underlying cause of many types of headaches, which are vertebrae that are out of alignment and pressure on nerves.

Most Common Work Related Injuries

Slips and falls are the most common type of work-related injuries. Many chiropractors specialize in these types of injuries and can offer effective treatment.


Florida Pain Management

Whether you have been in an auto or work accident, or have a back injury from working out, chiropractic care is an effective treatment option. From sports injuries to slip and fall accidents and pain management, a chiropractor will address any physical complaint that you have.

Visit a Silverman Chiropractic™ accident rehab clinic in Miami today for a consultation. We will form a plan to treat your injury and get you feeling better quickly. Call to schedule an appointment today at 305-676-8525. You may also contact us online.