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What Causes Numbness and Tingling?

Do you feel numbness in your arms, legs, or feet? If so, it could be due to pressure on the nerves or reduced blood flow. But it is also possible that it could be caused by an injury, medical condition, or non-cancerous tumor.

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Numbness and Tingling in Legs and Feet

Unfortunately, people who feel numbness in legs and feet often never get to the bottom of what is causing the problem. This leads to worse discomfort because they do not treat their symptoms immediately. That is why it is critical to find out your cause for numbness to receive proper treatment.

Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Miami as soon as possible to address the underlying cause of the numbness problem, and remove the source of pain. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can take back control of your life.

Numbness could be caused by pressure on the nerves or because the signals are blocked. To explain, when you exert force on your nerves, it can cause numbness in your legs, feet and toes. This is because the pressure severs the nerve’s ability to send signals to the rest of your body. You may feel tingling or even go numb when sitting static for a long time due to compression of the sciatic nerve in the hip, back pain or by sitting with crossed legs.

Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy

Some other causes for numbness and tingling include:

  • Pressure on the spinal nerves
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (pressure on the median nerve)
  • Trauma
  • Sciatica (compression of the sciatic nerve-running from the lower back to your feet)
  • Migraines

If you are experiencing some type of numbness and/or tingling in your extremities, there is no need to worry. Regardless of your situation, our chiropractors can help you. At Silverman Chiropractic, we find efficacious methods for restoring energy flows through the body to restore functional capabilities and freedom from pain. We rely on knowledge, skill, and attention to detail to provide you with customized treatment that will help you regain full range of motion.

Discover a New Way to Relieve Numbness

Numbness in the arms, thighs, legs and feet can feel strange enough when it is sudden, but when it occurs in a matter of time, it may be bothersome and even scary at times.

This is why you need to take action before this condition worsens. Make an appointment with our chiropractors immediately when feeling numbness in your hands or feet.

Chiropractor for Numbness & Tingling in Miami

Our doctors at Silverman Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center™ offer chiropractic services in Miami to help you learn how to manage this symptom of numbness so that you can go about living your life without any extra hassle. We treat you with great care so that you will be completely comfortable throughout your session with us.

Don’t let numbness be an alarm bell for something serious. Get care now at Silverman Chiropractic and Rehabilitation™ in Miami. Call us to schedule an appointment at 305-999-5966 or simply contact us online.

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