TMJ Treatment in Miami

What is TMJ?

TMJ (aka: temporomandibular joint) is a disorder of the jaw muscles and surrounding joints. It is also called TMJ syndrome. This condition is often accompanied by severe pain in the face or head, making it hard to open or close your mouth completely. TMJ can negatively affect your life, resulting in difficulties during eating, speaking, and sleeping.

Without proper TMJ treatment, you could end up exacerbating your conditions and experiencing extreme pain that stops you from getting out of bed in the morning or functioning properly at work or school. That is why finding the right chiropractor for your situation is so important.

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How to Treat TMJ

No two cases of TMJ are the same, but there are common threads that connect the cases. These include a period of rapid change following an injury or disruptive event, a history of poor oral health, or the use of steroid medications.

Other TMJ causes may include arthritis, genetics, teeth clenching, or grinding.

TMJ Symptoms

There are a variety of symptoms to look for if you suspect that you might have TMJ disorder, but here are a few common ones:

  • Headaches
  • Tension in muscles and joints
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Facial pain
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Emotional imbalances

Can a Chiropractor Help with TMJ?

Silverman Chiropractic in Miami can provide TMJ treatment by altering the alignment of the muscles, which will alleviate the symptoms. After you receive your initial evaluation by a chiropractor, additional treatments may be recommend if your problem continues to be bothersome or severe.

Common TMJ treatments include ice, oral medications, stress relief tools, and massage. You may require exercise to keep the muscles in proper alignment or medications to control the nervous system response that causes you stress and pain when you move your jaw.



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Eliminate Your TMJ Pain with Silverman Chiropractic

TMJ is an unpleasant condition that can leave you in pain and unable to properly move your jaw. Even the most basic day-to-day routine can become incredibly difficult.

If you are having issues with TMJ, contact Silverman Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center™ and let us help. Through our combination of accurate diagnosis and comfortable and effective chiropractic treatments in Miami, we can alleviate your TMJ symptoms. It will be our honor to guide you on the road to recovery. Call us today for a consultation for TMJ treatment at 305-676-8525 or simply contact us online.