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More than 3.5 million injuries in children aged 14 and below are reported each year in different forms of organized sports. And each year, more than 775,000 children seek treatment for sports-related injuries. Chiropractic care is a practical choice for treating sports-related injuries.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a sports injury, the sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances of a speedy recovery. Fortunately, Silverman Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center™ offers safe and effective sports injury treatment in Miami. FL.

Dr. Silverman and his staff will provide you with the chiropractic care you need to recover fully.

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What Is a Sports Injury?

A sports injury is essentially an injury that occurs while participating in sports or recreational activities. The majority are as a result of mild trauma involving ligaments, tendons or bones.

Types of Sports Injuries

There are many different types of sports injuries, but the most common ones include:

Ankle sprain injuries

Most ankle sprains occur when someone rolls their ankle over. This is often caused by either running or jumping on an uneven surface. Some common ankle sprain symptoms include; pain, swelling, bruising, decreased range of motion, and even inability to bear weight.

Knee Sprains

Knee sprain sports injuries are the second most common sports injury in the United States. Common knee sprain symptoms include; pain, swelling, bruising around the knee joint, decreased range of motion, and even inability to bear weight.

Muscle Strain

A muscle strain is a tear or stretch in a muscle that causes pain in the area around it. It can occur during any sports activity where you have to use your muscles forcefully with quick movements such as; throwing a ball or running fast on the field. The signs include tightness in the affected area, pain, and swelling.

Shoulder sprain injuries

A shoulder sprain occurs when the ligaments that connect your shoulder blade to your arm become stretched or torn. Shoulder injuries in sports are most commonly seen in volleyball, baseball, and softball players.

What Is the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Sports Injuries?

Acute injuries occur suddenly, damaging the body tissues like when a person twists a joint, falls, or receives a blow. On the other hand, a chronic injury results from overworking one body area and develops over time.

How Do You Know if You Have a Pinched Nerve?

The symptoms of a pinched nerve can be different for everyone, depending on which parts of the body are affected. If a nerve is compressed or pinched, it will cause pain or numbness in the area that it enters. For instance, a pinched nerve in the forearm could cause numbness or tingle in the fingers.

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What Helps a Pinched Nerve?

Your chiropractor will determine if you have sustained a nerve injury to treat a pinched nerve. Rest for the affected area is usually one of the most recommended ways of treatment for a pinched nerve.

They may also recommend medications to help with any nerve pain or inflammation you are experiencing. These medications include opioids, NSAIDs, or muscle relaxants. The chiropractor may also recommend physical therapy to strengthen and stretch the affected muscles.

What Is the Best Treatment for Acute Sports Injuries?

The best treatment for acute sports injuries depends on the nature of the injury. For example, an ankle sprain will likely heal faster if the ligaments aren’t torn. However, if the ligaments are torn, a more severe injury may have occurred that will require more advanced treatment.

Your chiropractor may recommend massage therapy or ice, compression, and elevation treatments for most acute sports injuries. Surgery may also be applied in more complicated cases.

Sports Injury Claims

If you believe you’ve been injured while playing sports at a public or private school, you may be able to file a sports injury claim. These claims are handled on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll need to speak with a personal injury attorney about your chances of success.

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