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Do you know what a whiplash is?

The “whiplash” consists of the injury produced by successive flexion and sudden and excessive extension of the neck. The most typical and common cause is a car accident in which an impact occurs from behind, especially if it is unexpected so that the muscles are relaxed and does not slow or limit the range of motion. This type of injury is even more likely if you are not wearing a seat belt.

A cervical sprain, by definition, is an injury that is not serious. However, the pain and dysfunction it causes can be considerable.

Cervical whiplash can cause pain by several purely physical mechanisms: the eventual tearing of the cervical ligaments, muscle contracture and eventual injury of the “facet joint” in the hyperextension phase.

Diagnosis and treatment of Whiplash

When visiting my office each patient undergoes a previous examination to verify their status and history and how the injury has developed, since there are no equal injuries. Chiropractic applies not only to the injury or pain points, but to the patient as a whole, his previous history, life habits, etc. It deals with any incidence at the neurological, muscular or mechanical level that could have been triggered due to the injury.

The type of chiropractic manipulation will be based on soft impulses of the affected joint that has abnormal or restricted movement, thus stimulating the nervous system and regularizing the usual movement of the spine. This manipulation is combined with muscle stimulation/relaxation, stretching exercises adapted to the patient’s situation and postural re-education so that the patient learns to avoid harmful actions and reduce the stress and effects of stress on his body.

To improve the injury caused by whiplash, I will exert stretches and techniques of gentle pressure to trigger points to relieve the pain caused by muscles with tension. Thanks to stretching and chiropractic adjustments, the nervous system recovers its coordination and mobility; on the other hand, the muscles of the neck restore their strength to control the stability of the neck.

Any imbalance of the spine will be corrected with chiropractic adjustments and the cervical muscles will be strengthened.

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