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Spine injuries after a car accident

Traffic accidents tend to cause a certain type of injuries given the circumstances that can occur in an event as described. Since the most common accidents result in back collisions, these can lead to specific spine injuries, where we find a common denominator in both cervical syndrome and whiplash. Therefore, we can establish that the back area most affected in this class of events is the cervical.

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of spine injuries, this affects the soft tissues of the lower back muscles, ligaments, discs and nerves because of the sudden jolt that accompanies these events.

It is fundamental, in short, to treat correctly the ailments derived from a traffic accident as these can become chronic. Recent studies have revealed that around 33% of people affected by a car accident continue to suffer from low back pain one year after the event. Going to the specialist and achieving an accurate diagnosis will be key to attenuate these injuries effectively.


Importance of appropriate treatment

If you come to my office I will perform a series of neurological exams on the lumbar and pelvis to find out which nerves are pinched and where are the decompensations in the spine. Making very precise adjustments I will try to eliminate the pressure on the lumbar nerves and at the same time, I will reposition the lumbar vertebrae and the pelvis in its correct position to help that it does not repeat the low back pain and to maintain the stability of the body.

Unlike traditional solutions, chiropractic is not content with relieving pain, but rather seeks and treats the source of the problem in order to prevent it from recurring or worsening.

The specific chiropractic adjustments correct the vertebral deviations responsible for the pain and improve the health of the spine in a natural, safe, without the use of surgery or drugs and, therefore, free from risks or side effects.

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