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Speed in traffic accidents

[:en]Driving over the speed limit and/or at high speed is one of the most common causes that influence traffic accidents and it is also a serious safety hazard. Besides, it is a determining factor in the 30% of the fatal accidents.

Nobody likes being involved in a car accident but there are factors that increase the risk of suffering a collision that could result in a fatality.

An increment of one mile per hour in the average speed on a road, increases 5% in injuries and 7% in fatalities.  The excess speed doubles the number of deaths in every 100 accidents and causes more serious injuries.

Once you pass the speed limit for which the road was built, the vehicle’s stability and well as the driver´s visibility are in jeopardy causing a diminishment in the clearness of the way.

When driving at night, you should never go over 90 Km/hr to avoid losing control of the vehicle when turning, just as if it is raining you should cut back from 10 to 20 Km/hr to have better control and reflex reaction.

But respecting the speed limit is not enough to avoid accidents.  The characteristics of the road and the weather, make the right speed limit be the one that allows a driver to manage his/her vehicle before any obstacle or inconvenient.

Remember that when driving, you are not only responsible for your life, and the consequences of your actions can affect others and cause serious injuries or death.  The important thing when driving, is to be careful and not only maintain an adequate speed but also keep safe distance to cause minimal damages in case of an accident.

Now that we know there are many factors that can cause an accident we can be more careful when behind a wheel, and in case something comes up, always keep my number in hand, I will help you recover fast so you can retake your life with the same energy as before.

Drive safely and come and visit us in case of an accident at Silverman Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Mark A. Silverman can help you

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