Aid in Allergy Relief

How Chiropractic Care Can Aid in Allergy Relief

Every year 10-30 percent of the world’s population suffer from allergies, both seasonal and food allergies, and the symptoms that come with them. Those people spend hundreds of dollars on tissues, eye drops, pills, and shots to help relieve them in their time of struggle. And for people will food allergies, they struggle everyday to make sure what they’re eating won’t trigger their allergies. With all these different treatment options available, you might not have known that chiropractic care was one of them. So if you’re looking for a more natural approach to relieving your allergies, then look no farther than chiropractic care!

What Causes Allergic Reactions?

While most of us have allergies that we are aware of, other allergies can become known at any time. When we have an allergic reaction to something, it throws the body into chaos. This bodily chaos leads to many symptoms and for most people, a constant state of misery. But why does it all happen?

There is no concrete evidence to show why people become allergic to substances that are relatively harmless, like pollen or peanuts. There are two theories that suggest why people get allergies. One allergy theory suggests that hypersensitive people will also have hypersensitive bodies. So because the body and mind are connected, if one is affected by stress, then the other will be as well. And if you’re working on methods to help improve the health of one, the health of the other will also start to improve.

The second theory is that allergic reactions are an interpretation of your surrounding environment. For your body to be able to adjust to an environment it has to gather information about the environment first. Our nervous system is one part of this information-gathering process and if for some reason it’s dysfunctional, the information received will be altered. This alteration in information leads to you becoming vulnerable to abnormal reactions such as allergies and other issues.

How Do Allergic Reactions Affect the Body?

Because our body is detecting abnormalities around us, it will act accordingly to help us get rid of that abnormality. When an allergic reaction occurs, special immune cells called mast cells are activated. These cells have receptors that recognize harmful or helpful substances within the body. When a harmful substance is detected, the mast cells release histamines into the body. This causes the body to try to rid itself of the substance with methods such as coughing, swelling, sneezing, and sometimes vomiting. So this is why allergy sufferers always seem to be coughing and sneezing.

So How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care isn’t just used for physical pain and the symptoms that come with it, but for a variety of other conditions as well. This might shock you, but allergies can be included among those conditions treated. I know what you’re thinking- How can chiropractic care aid in allergy relief? It all starts with chiropractic care benefits for the nervous system.

It is a well documented and well-known fact that chiropractic adjustments can benefit the nervous system. When our vertebrae become misaligned or begin to dysfunctionally move against our spine, a focal irritation can occur. This irritation causes an abnormal signal to be received by the central nervous system and when that happens, the body will incorrectly receive that information. This incorrect information will lead to an allergic reaction. By getting a chiropractic adjustment done, your body will be properly aligned, allowing the correct information to be received and for no more allergic reactions to occur.

Other Allergy Benefits Chiropractic Care Can Offer

Chiropractic care offers other benefits in the fight against allergies and the symptoms that comes with them. Here are some of the additional benefits that chiropractic care offers when it comes to allergies:

Recommended Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

Imagine having to constantly read the ingredients or ask what is in a meal so you don’t have an allergic reaction. Makes you never want to eat again, right? For some people, certain foods and the environment they live in will cause allergic reactions in them. A chiropractor can recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to help the patient get their health back and feel more comfortable.

Regulation of Stress Hormones

Did you know many allergy sufferers have weakened adrenal glands? And did you know that’s a big part of the reason why they have a harder time than others dealing with allergies? The adrenal glands are directly by the spinal cord, meaning that if they aren’t working properly, it will affect the rest of the body. A spine that is properly aligned will help alleviate allergy symptoms, making them less severe for the sufferer.

Respiratory System Support

Though they are different systems within our body, the respiratory system and the immune system, have something in common. Both of these systems depend on information in order to know how to function and adapt. If the pathway to the brain is blocked, we will get inaccurate information which can lead to allergies and their symptoms. Chiropractic care can open those pathways back up, allowing the respiratory system to withstand allergic reactions and attacks.

Strengthening the Immune System

Misalignments in the neck and spine can cause disruption as the brain tries to communicate with the rest of the body. Irritation on the spinal cord or the upper cervical joint can compromise immunity, making us more susceptible to allergy symptoms. Having a chiropractor manipulate the joints and soft tissue, they can properly align the body. This allows the brain to once again communicate well with the rest of the body.

Chiropractic treatment is a great natural way to relieve yourself of allergies and their symptoms. So if medication isn’t something you want to deal with or you’re tired of taking medication, give chiropractic care a try. Dr. Mark SIlverman and his team are here to help! So call today and set up an initial appointment. Relief is on its way.