Five things to do in an accident event

A traffic accident can happen to anyone. We have already seen how to prevent accidents and reduce the risk of accidents. However, if you had an accident, it is best to act with a cold head, avoid excessive and unnecessary charges, know the legal procedures and follow these five useful tips so that the bad news of an accident, can end well.

  1. Review the health status of everyone involved: Check your health status first before helping others or ask for help, discuss what injuries you have, and ask others involved how they feel, this information will be helpful for the emergency department to see your case. Provide help if you can and know how to do it, otherwise, wait for professional attention.
  2. Take photos: For legal reasons, it is preferable to have as much documentation of the accident. Photograph details, surroundings and if you can, record a video of potential witnesses to help get an overview of what happened.
  3. Call the authorities: Call 911 and inform the accident. Follow the protocols nd wait for a response.
  4. Call Dr. Silverman: We do not mind if you have or not the fault, under Florida´s law, you have the right to receive benefits for the accident. Notify Dr. Silverman about your accident, and we will take care of the rest.
  5. Receive treatment: Our team of medical professionals and lawyers will assist you so that you receive the best health and legal treatment for your well-being. You are not alone, Dr. Silverman will help you.

Drive safety, take all precautions and if something happens, call us! 305-306-4426

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