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One of the peculiarities of accidents is that they happen when they are least expected and almost always produce sequelae that require medical attention. This is particularly true in car accidents and falls, where bones tend to suffer from the blow, even when there are no fractures.

When a person is involved in an accident, they may have pain, discomfort, and other conditions for an extended period of time. It is precisely in these cases that early intervention by the specialists at Silverman Accident Clinic ™ in Miramar can prevent these sequelae from seriously interfering with the patient’s life.

With more than 33 years of experience, Dr. Silverman has earned the nickname “magic hands” due to his successful treatment of a variety of accident conditions of all kinds. Together with other specialists, at Silverman Accident Clinic ™ in Miramar, the patient can find relief from their pain and the correct placement of muscles and bones damaged by the accident, to the extent that many patients have been able to avoid corrective surgery completely.

Living with chronic pain, such as neck, back, leg or arm pain, etc., can achieve the total seclusion of the patient, affecting their economy, family and social relationships, and even their freedom of movement. In the same way, the affectations in their mood are notorious, so the search for a solution becomes a prevailing need.

That solution can be found at the Silverman Accident Clinic ™ in Miramar. Just pick up your phone and contact us to make an appointment that will allow you to take the first step towards a life without pain. At your first visit, you will have a complete medical history, along with a review, to determine the best way forward to achieve your improvement in the most efficient way. Don’t hesitate, at Silverman Accident Clinic ™, our mission is for you to live a life free from pain caused by a car accident , a fall, or any circumstance, to make life a full and happy life.

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