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Approximately 65,000 car accidents  occur in the city of Miami each year, with a balance of some 35,000 people injured. These impressive figures lead us to think that hospital and medical expenses as a result of vehicle accidents are millionaires. Fortunately, in many cases, the response to the sequelae suffered by patients is simpler.

At Silverman Accident Clinic ™, we have the most advanced chiropractic techniques to help our patients recover from injuries sustained in an accident in a less invasive and more humane way. This is evidenced by Dr. Silverman’s more than 33 years of experience, during which it has been discovered that many surgeries can be avoided with chiropractic and auxiliary treatment, to the point where many specialist doctors refuse to operate on their patients until they have consulted with Dr. Silverman.

We understand that life after an accident can become much more difficult. Having to face pain and learn to live with it lowers people’s quality of life. At the same time, your injuries can prevent you from moving easily or carrying out the tasks of your job, resulting in economic, social and even family losses.

This is why Dr. Silverman has implemented a personalized comprehensive treatment scheme for each patient that encompasses the use of chiropractic along with other medical specialties that allow treating the patient as a unit and not as independent conditions.

At Silverman Accident Clinic ™ our goal is the complete well-being of our patients, which allows them to improve their physical and emotional health, in a comfortable and professional environment, where they can function better than in a hospital. Additionally, and as a consideration for our Hispanic patients, we have the support of translators and interpreters who help them better communicate their discomfort.
Don’t hesitate, if you have been the victim of an accident in the Miami area, pick up your phone right now and call to schedule an appointment that could be the first step towards your full recovery.

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